$SPY BIG MOVE Coming soon!

$SPY BIG MOVE Coming soon!

First things first we are currently in a downtrend stuck in this channel... a few things can happen

before we get into it here's somethings to take note of:
- We have rejected off the weekly ichimoku cloud with a fat red candle on the weekly chart
- We have rejected off the top trendline pretty clearly
- Monthly candle about to close in 9 days and its looking pretty bearish so far
RSI is very high right now and a possible divergence may occur soon
- We have been on a rally for about a month and a half or so
- we need confirmation after this candle for a sniper entry on puts

2 possible scenarios:
1) We can just start dumping right into next week and straight flush down and have a correct expected reaction off the rejection off the channel

2) we can COME UP and retest the trendline, BUT understand if we break to the upside it will be very hard to come back down for new lows

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