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The family is the first essential cell of human society: Pope John XXIII
Family is not just an important thing about a person, it is everything. One doesn’t choose his or her family. The family is God’s gift to you as you are to them and togetherness is the essential ingredient of family life.

This website is dedicated to Family and focused on knowing and communicating between members of the family and keeping them under one roof of fraternity and love. It is meant to keep everyone informed about occasions and happenings within and enable members to be updated on everyone else. Please register and update the information periodically so your entire family can keep in touch and interact on a regular basis. In case any information provided here is not accurate or adequate enough please feel free to intimate your observation so we can improve the authenticity of the family history.
Oru Thanal
  • A charitable Wing of the Pullipadavil Kudumbayogam
    Thanal Charity Fund is administered by Pullipadavil Kudumbayogam. It is a small step to the social service sector of our society. The beneficiaries include the poor, the sick, those in financial difficulties for educating their children, irrespective of caste and religion.
Latest news
  • newsimage
    Official Family website Launching
    Oommen Thomas, Managing Director - Adequate Adverting LLC, proud to announce the launch of Pullipadavil family website on December 27 th 2014. Thank you for my development team, for the support to develop the dynamic website
  • Annual meeting will be held on the last Saturday of every year.